As I wake
In the darkness
And I look around
There is no sound
It's so tranquil
It's so calm like you
But now I hear a noise
Is there any way to out of this nightmare

I'm alone now
And you're laughing at me
But I take life
In a way that you could never see
So if you're leaving
You better let me know
Cause I've already started my plan
And I'm never gonna let you go!

I've lived on the dark side of the moon
And I've been to the heart of the sun
I've had my time with many ladies
And I've killed many men
Before my sixteenth year was done

So you be forewarned
I'm coming after you
About the time I catch up to you
I'll never
No I'll never
I'll never let you go

Some say
I'm an advocate of Lucifer
And some say I'm a child of god - yes they do
Some people think I've got the nine lives of a cat
And others say I'm filthy as a dog

So you be forewarned
I'm coming after you
I’ll come howlin’ after you
When I catch you
No, I’m never gonna let you go

So you be forewarned
I'm coming right up on your trail
When I catch you
No, I’m never gonna let you go



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Billie Ray Martin Berlin, Germany

"Billie Ray Martin is one of the living legends in modern music history and one of the best voices on planet earth."
DJ Hell
"Billie Ray Martin is an absolute revelation."
K.Hollings, The Wire
Billie Ray Martin: "I'm a kid from Hamburg’s red-light district, who wanted to be a soul singer, but ended up playing repetitive machine music, while still trying to be a soul singer"
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