1. Heading for the Night - The Frankie Knuckles Mixes
    Electribe 101

  2. Your Loving Arms (Original single with Bonus and unreleased Mixes)

  3. The Glittering Gutter - The U.S. Club Mixes

  4. Billie Ray Martin Vocal Sample Pack

  5. The Soul Tapes

  6. Strongheaded Woman

  7. Four Ambient Tales Live at Hackney Road Studios

  8. Pacemaker

  9. Off The Rails
    Billie Ray Martin and Aerea Negrot

  10. After All

  11. Your Loving Arms - The Remixes

  12. Deadline For My Memories (with german and american bonus tracks)

  13. The Berlin Years - 1 (Billie and the Deep live at KOB 1986)

  14. The Berlin Years - 2 (first demos)

  15. Free: Kind Of Maybe
    billie ray martin, waterson

  16. Honey (including original demos and unreleased songs)

  17. Two unreleased recordings ('Aria' and 'I am, I said')

  18. Five Takes (A Song About Andy) - EP

  19. The Crackdown Project, Vol. 1 & 2 (Sold Out to Disco/Darkness Restored) [Remastered]

  20. Hollywood Under The Knife + Hollywood Cuts (The Remixes)
    The Opiates

  21. Hollywood Under The Knife
    The Opiates

  22. Rainy Days and Remixes - EP
    The Opiates

  23. Anatomy Of A Plastic Girl - EP
    The Opiates

  24. Sold Life - EP
    Billie Ray Martin & Hard Ton

  25. Sweet Suburban Disco

  26. Undisco Me (Official Single With Added Mixes)

  27. Dead Again

  28. No Brakes On My Rollerskates
    Hot Skates 3000

  29. BRM Live on Manchester Radio (Unplugged)

  30. Recycled Garbage - The Vinyl Mixes

  31. Recycled Garbage

  32. 18 Carat Garbage Demos

  33. 18 Carat Garbage

  34. I've Never Been To Memphis

  35. Where Fools Rush In (including original demo)

  36. Persuasion

  37. Four Ambient Tales

  38. Billie Ray Martin presents Sonnenstahl: Crime & Punishment

  39. Space Oasis

  40. Imitation Of Life

  41. Running Around Town


Billie Ray Martin Berlin, Germany

"Billie Ray Martin is one of the living legends in modern music history and one of the best voices on planet earth."
DJ Hell
"Billie Ray Martin is an absolute revelation."
K.Hollings, The Wire
Billie Ray Martin: "I'm a kid from Hamburg’s red-light district, who wanted to be a soul singer, but ended up playing repetitive machine music, while still trying to be a soul singer"
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